We are the first
Micro-Hybrid VC in Europe

We walk the walk with you through all the up and down hills of pre-seed, seed and Series A. We support you with more than 10 years operational experience in the European startup ecosystem.

What's a Micro-Hybrid VC ?

Very similarly to Micro VCs, its older brother, Micro-Hybrid VCs are supporting early-stage enterprises that haven't yet accomplished a first shippable product and/or haven't found the initial product-market fit yet to gain momentum.

On the other hand, the biggest difference between Micro VCs and Micro-Hybrid VCs lies that the later ones put maximum attention and support on the operational processes and day-to-day problems.

Been there, done that

Micro-Hybrid VCs like Micro VCs are often founded by ex-Startup CXOs and former VC experts who are already engaged in the startup ecosystem.

No one knows better which problems the founders will encounter in the first years than someone who has been there multiple times already.

Our solid commitment is working together in realistic solutions based on how we solved similar problems in the past.

How do we help founders ?

We strive to help founders to achieve the most important company goal on early stage: turning an idea into a tangible service and through that compile inputs to argument the next stage of fundraising.

These are the core areas where we focus:
  • Challenging Organization Structure
  • Challenging Tech & Product Setup
  • Traceability and Accuracy of Business Operations
  • Revision of Business Processes
  • Challenging for lean process through automation
  • Having crystal clear Unit Economics as North Star
  • Defining a Prioritization Policy
  • Coaching and assisting Founders
  • Co-owning an accountable roadmap for execution

We are operating in

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